What you can expect from us

Greater Bemidji, Inc. is committed to the region citizens and the businesses who call our region home.

To a businesses or entrepreneur looking at the greater Bemidji region for a location, you will have a partner to make your development here a reality. We will serve as your local source for data, information, networking and support. Our commitment to serve you is without limits. You will know how much this region cares about you and your success by the amount of passion we bring to your project.

To existing businesses, investors, partners and community members, we will earn your support, investment and trust. You can expect Greater Bemidji to be:

✓ A strong leader for making the greater Bemidji region a great place to live, work, and own a business;
✓ Innovative, risk-taking and entrepreneurial, looking for ways to move our region forward;
✓ A good and willing partner, seeking ways to work together; and
✓ Results-oriented and accountable to the region.

Greater Bemidji staff and Board of Directors take seriously its commitment to be stewards of the Greater Bemidji region. As such, we are 100% committed to the long-term well-being of our region.