Demographics and Workforce

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Don’t let the population sign fool you— Bemidji’s population is substantially higher than the 14,000 the census bureau proclaims. Why? With the beautiful lakes and pines surrounding our region, only a fraction of our population actually lives in the city limits.

The greater Bemidji market area consists of over 100,000 people….and growing quickly. As such, Bemidji is a regional center on par with St. Cloud, Duluth, Grand Forks, Fargo, Rochester and Mankato.

Bemidji’s workforce can be characterized in two ways---

  • Diverse and hard-working; and
  • Available.

Minnesotans is known for its great work ethic….particularly in greater Minnesota. Bemidji’s workforce is younger and better educated than other regional centers in the upper Midwest. Even better—it is an available workforce. Despite its emergence as a dynamic regional center, Bemidji still has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. We have a pool of workers ready to meet your talent needs.

Use the database below to learn more about the demographics of the greater Bemidji region: